7-Zip 23.01

If you have any concerns about the recipe posted on this site, please report your concerns with the user group leadership.

Launch of Community Recipes

At the first user group meetup of 2024, the group will launch the new community recipes repository. This repository will contain recipes for successfully packaging applications into Cloudpaging application containers. Everyone is welcome to submit their recipes via the upload portal. Your recipe will then be reviewed and published on the site. All uploaded recipes …

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Contribute to the Blog

If you have some scripts, trick or tips related to Cloudpaging that you would like to share but don’t have a platform to share it on. Please feel free to reach out on the forum. We are more than happy to accept guest blost posts.

Launch of the Cloudpaging User Group

Welcome to the Cloudpaging User Group. This is an independent user group focused on a common interest in all things Numecent Cloudpaging. We welcome everyone with an interest in Cloudpaging whether you have years of experience or if you are brand new and would like to learn. Whilst Numecent has approved of us using the …

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How the Group Started

Several months ago, Rory Monaghan and Jurjen van Leeuwen were exchanging some back and forth emails about the work they were doing with Cloudpaging. Jurjen remarked that it would be great if there was a place to discuss the product and ask questions online. A few weeks later, Rory and Jurjen jumped on a call …

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What to Expect

At least initially, we would like to hold a meeting once a quarter. When meetings are held will be decided by the group as much as possible. If a consensus cannot be reached the organizers will need to select the date. We are not barring vendors from attending but we do ask that they let …

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How to Join Our Meetings

Meetings will be held virtually for the foreseeable future with the first event taking place on July 23rd. If you would like to participate please join the group and the meeting sign-up will be sent to you.